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In this terrifying three-minute true story, we reveal how a Medway family endured a nightmare experience when selling their home.

In the beginning

The Thomas family were like many you’ll know in Medway.

There was mum, dad, two young children and a black cat called Lucky.

They were popular with their neighbours and active members of the local community.

And that’s why people were disappointed to learn they were selling up and moving on due to Mr Thomas getting a new job in another part of the country.

Like many homeowners, the Thomas’s called in three estate agents to value their home.

The first two agents were both likeable, presentable, and knowledgeable.

Their valuations were similar give or take £2000.

The Charming Stranger

Everything seemed to be going to plan. Well, until the third agent turned up.

He was due to arrive at 3 pm but rang to inform Mr and Mrs Thomas that he wouldn’t be able to get there until later in the evening.

The doorbell rang at 8 pm, and Mr Thomas opened it. The agent, let’s call him Damian, stepped out of the shadows into the light, and the reflection from his pearly white teeth and shiny shoes momentarily stunned Mr T.

The next 20 minutes were a blur. Damian with the dazzling gnashers was devilishly charming and talked in an almost hypnotic way.

He gave a valuation of £20,000 more than the other two agents. He lowered his voice, which made the couple lean in and then he said, ‘I have dozens of people looking for a home like yours, it’ll be sold in no time at all.’

The Thomas’s signed a long contract on the spot instructing Damian’s agency to sell the property.

Looking back, Mrs Thomas said she had felt blinded by the smile, the shoes, and the promised sales price.

As Damian walked down the path whistling softly, a Black crow landed on the family car and stared soullessly at the Thomas’s. Was this an omen?

The Haunting

‘Something doesn’t feel right’ said Mr Thomas a day after the visit. ‘I know what you mean Dad’ said Evie the couple’s 8-year-old. ‘That weird man didn’t have a shadow when he stood by our lamp.’

Mr Thomas ignored it as the workings of a child’s wild imagination, but then things began to get scary.

They never saw Damian again after that. His office always said he was unavailable when they called for an update.

But he wasn’t the only thing that couldn’t be found.

Due to the higher price scaring off buyers, the family home attracted very little interest.

It was sat in the wrong price band for a property of its type due to the extra £20,000 Damian had mysteriously added.

The poor communication from their agency and the lack of viewings was becoming a nightmare for the family as their move became ever closer.

Because they couldn’t sell, they couldn’t buy, this caused a horrendous amount of stress for mum and dad.

The moral of their story is, be very wary of smooth-talking agents, who promise the earth and conjure up mesmerizing market values for your home that make little sense.

A happy ending?

You may be asking why we are referring to the Thomas four (sorry, five, with the cat) in the past tense?

Well, thanks to us visiting them, accurately valuing their home, and creating an effective marketing plan for their property’s sale they have now successfully moved to pastures new.

Whatever happened to the mysterious agent?

Legend has it that he can still be seen around Medway, still casting no shadow but leaving a trail of homeowner horror stories in his wake. The black crow is still believed to follow him.

Thanks for reading and Happy Halloween.

**The names have been changed to protect the innocent……. And the guilty.


In this terrifying two-minute read, we look at what ghoulish goings-on are keeping landlords up at night—a Halloween Week Special.

There are many different fears we all have in life.

There’s the fear of scary clowns like the one made infamous by the horror classic “It”.

Or more everyday things like fear of failure, fear of missing out or missing the bus.

One of the things we’ve become very skilled at over the years we’ve been working in the Medway rental market is helping landlords overcome their fears.

And below are four things landlords fear. The good news is we know how to put these nightmares to bed once and for all.

1) Terrifying Tenants. Most tenants are great people, but one bad experience can leave landlords emotionally scarred. Proper vetting of prospective tenants through careful referencing can exorcise this fear.

2)   Devilish Debt. No one likes losing money, and that’s why landlords break out into a cold sweat at the thought of their rent not being paid. Again, good referencing plays a big part in reducing the risk of arrears, as does good communication with tenants to head off any rent issues before they become problems.

3)   DIY Hell. We don’t mean the usual do it yourself approach to putting up a shelf or fixing a leaky tap. Many landlords have discovered to their peril just how hard it is to do everything themselves when it comes to managing their rental property. There’s all the paperwork, the laws, the accounting, the maintenance, the list goes on. The good news is we can help with all that and make it a lot less frightening for you.

4)    Scary Lettings Agents. Just like Halloween parties some are a lot better than others (the 2020 vintage looks like one we’ll need to forget thanks to Covid-19!). A good letting agent, like us, will banish those scary spectres away. That’s because we market our landlords’ properties properly, we carry out referencing correctly, and we always treat our landlords and tenants with courtesy, professionalism, and respect. Plus, we never trick anyone.

We hope this helps and if you’re feeling brave and wanting to get in the spirit of Halloween why not check out the 2012 supernatural horror film “Sinister” starring Ethan Hawke. It has been crowned the scariest movie ever made.

This is due to heart rate tests carried out on viewers of a selection of horror films by a study called ‘The Science of Scare Project.’ What’s the scariest movie you’ve ever seen?

Happy Halloween from all of us at Greyfox.


In this two-minute read, we look at why movers in Medway need to act now if they want to save thousands of pounds in cash.

The legendary American author Mark Twain famously said this about procrastination: ‘Never put off till tomorrow which may be done the day after tomorrow.’

And while it might be a useful mantra when doing something mundane like mowing the lawn or some home DIY, it doesn’t apply to the housing market in Medway right now.

The national lockdown and subsequent localised ones are causing delays in the home moving process.

If you are thinking of moving and cashing in and making the most of the Stamp Duty holiday which could see you save up to £15,000, you’ll need to get going soon, very soon.

The Sunday Times recently published an article that said October 12 was the deadline for people to put their homes up for sale if they wanted to complete the transaction before the tax holiday ends on March 31.

It also reported that there were longer than usual delays when getting mortgage valuations, property surveys, local authority searches and having conveyancing work carried out.

These are all essential components of most property transactions.

The newspaper said these Covid-19 related delays had caused a ‘Backlog Britain’.

Its sentiments were echoed by the property law website – Today’s Conveyancer – which said: “Pre-Covid-19 the time it took (from the marketing of the property) to find a buyer was, on average, 79 days, and the total time from listing to moving into a property was 187.

If that average holds, then by consulting your calendars you’ll know that September 25 is 187 days before March 31 next year when the property purchasing tax holiday is due to end.”

Either way, if it is October 12 or September 25, the key thing to do is to act now if you want to beat the backlog and move while the financial incentives are in place.

Today’s Conveyancer also published some tips, including those below, to help you speed up the process if you are thinking of selling or buying a new home.

1)      The seller should instruct their conveyancer on listing the property for sale.

2)      Ask their conveyancer to review the property information forms and title and to identify any issues which might impact a sale.

3)      The buyer should obtain a mortgage decision in principle ahead of putting an offer forward.

4)      The buyer should instruct a conveyancer prior to making an offer.

The full article is well worth a read and can be found via this link:

So, it’s crystal clear, if you want to move before the March 31 deadline you need to act now to give yourself the best chance.

We’d love to be able to help you achieve this and make the most of the busy market we’re experiencing in Medway.

Give us a call on 01634 377737 to find out how we can help you beat the delays and get moving. 


All landlords should look to maximise their rental income, but it is important to do so without compromising the standard of rental experience you offer to tenants. At Greyfox, we are pleased to say we have assisted many landlords in the local area, helping them to generate a more appealing return on their rental market investment.

Some of the essential areas you must consider when looking to enjoy the best return on your rental property investment include:

·         Finding the best location and understanding the local market

·         Finding the best tenant

·         Increase the perceived value of your property

If        If you are looking to maximise your rental income, please click to access the guide.


The level of demand for rental property in the United Kingdom has left many people considering the role of a landlord to be a prosperous one. It is possible to generate regular income as a landlord, but there are challenges associated with the position. However, for anyone seriously considering becoming a landlord, you must understand the importance of your buy to let mortgage.

At Greyfox, we are pleased to say we have assisted many landlords and property investors enter the market. Your essential buy to let mortgage guide will provide you with what you need to know about buy to let mortgages, helping you make an informed decision.

If you would like to read our essential buy to let mortgage guide - please click here.


We know being a landlord is often a challenging proposition. However, it is possible to make the process easier, and at Greyfox, we are here to assist you. We want all residential landlords to be aware of their legal responsibilities, and we want to help you manage these tasks and challenges.

As of the start of 2020, landlords in England had to comply with more than 150 pieces of legislation. This represented a 32% increase on the figures of 2010, and new guidelines are being introduced regularly.

We do what we can to assist landlords to stay up to date, and many landlords find our property management services to be of tremendous value. As we manage your property, you don’t have to worry about compliance; we take care of everything for you.

To see our guide on landlord's legal responsibilities, please click here.


Landlords must be aware of the importance of tenant deposits, what they can charge, and how the deposit must be managed. At Greyfox, we are pleased to say we have assisted many local landlords manage their tenancy deposit, and we are always happy to discuss this matter if required.

Landlords are required to place the tenant’s deposit into a Government backed tenancy deposit scheme (TDP) if the tenant rents a property on an assured shorthold tenancy. This has been the case for tenancies which began after 6 April 2007.

If you would like to review our guide on tenant deposit schemes - please click here.


If you are a landlord, you know complying with regulations is essential. Not only must you comply with existing regulations, but it is also your responsibility to familiarise yourself with new regulations. Given the volume of regulations, this is a challenge for landlords in the private rented sector, but we are here to help.


At Greyfox, we are always on hand to assist landlords to manage their property and provide a great standard of service to tenants.

Download the guide below:

Your Guide To Electrical Safety Standards in the Private Rented Sector(England) Regulations 2020




With significant demand for rental property in the United Kingdom, it is easy to see why many people consider the benefits of being a private landlord. It is possible to generate regular income as a private landlord, but it is essential to know it is a challenging role.


At Greyfox, we are pleased to say we have assisted many private landlords in the local area. We offer a range of property management services, and no matter your level of expertise and confidence, we are here to assist you as best we can.

Download the guide below:

The Six Steps To Becoming A Private Landlord


Landlords face many challenges, but one of the essential components in achieving success as a landlord is to communicate well with tenants. You’ll find having a cordial relationship with your tenant, based on trust and clear communication makes life a lot simpler for you.

If you rely on an agent to liaise with tenants on your behalf, make sure you choose one with a proven track record in fostering great relationships with tenants. At Greyfox, we are pleased to say our property management services deliver the best standard of service for landlords and tenants.

Download the guide below:

The Essential Communication Guide For Landlords

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