Walderslade Property Prices and Values – February 2020

You don’t have to be buying or selling a home to stay in touch with local property prices. Many people like to remain informed about their local area. Property values can be an interesting topic of conversation, and there is a lot of pride in knowing your home holds a higher valuation than the average for your area.

However, if you plan on buying or selling your home, you must be fully informed about local house prices. At Greyfox, we are on hand to help you, and as local property market specialists, we are keen to ensure you are entirely up to date with Walderslade property prices and values for February 2020.

According to Zoopla, the average price paid for a property in Walderslade over the past 12 months is £328,662. The same source states the current average value of Walderslade property is £340,461.

However, Rightmove indicates the average price paid for property in Walderslade in the past year was £267,144.

This is quite a difference between these figures, but there is no need for alarm. The two leading online property portals often have different values, depending on the information they have collected.

We help you make informed decisions in the Walderslade property market

For terraced properties in Walderslade, there is a closer correlation between the average price stated by the leading property portals. Zoopla says the average price paid for terraced properties in Walderslade in the past 12 months is £234,475 while Rightmove says £228,898. With around £5,000 of a difference in these figures; anyone looking to buy or sell a terraced property in Walderslade has a strong starting point.

However, average prices only offer a starting point or a figure where you can compare areas. Average house prices are important and can influence your thinking. However, when it comes to making a move in the property market; it is vital to look at the price, value and merit of each home in its own right.

Local facilities and features influence property values

If you plan on selling a terraced property in Walderslade; the average price of these properties is useful information, but how does it relate to your position? If your home is better than average, pricing it alongside the average value does yourself a disservice. If your home is deemed less than average, you run the risk of overpricing your property.

Entering the property market with too high a valuation lowers your ability to connect with buyers; which is why it is vital to call on a local agent to provide you with a free valuation and market appraisal of your property.

Property prices and values don’t just relate to the size and condition of the property. External factors such as transport, schools and the demand and supply of homes affect the market value. At Greyfox, we are Walderslade property market specialists, and if you want a free valuation and market appraisal that ensures you make an informed decision, get in touch.

If you plan on selling your Walderslade home in 2020, please contact us, and we will be more than happy to help. We can arrange a property valuation for you, and we can take you from start to end of the sales process. No matter what move you wish to make this year, contact Greyfox today, and we look forward to assisting you.