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Choosing an Estate Agent? Don’t Forget to Ask These Three Questions First

28 February 2023

Choosing An Estate Agent? Don’T Forget To Ask These Three Questions First

When hunting for a professional to sell your home, you’ll probably compile a list of property-related questions to fire off at prospective estate agents.    What’s the...

How to Manage Multiple Rental Properties

8 February 2023

How To Manage Multiple Rental Properties

How do portfolio landlords deal with the multitude of tasks and mountains of red tape that come with managing several properties? Read on to find out.   Owning a portfolio of rental...

6 February 2023

Petition Calls For Tax Change To Stop Landlords Exiting The Property Market

Property industry figures are calling for action to prevent a critical shortage of rental stock in the buy-to-let sector.   They say that unless the government acts, there will be...

How Landlords Can Avoid Falling Prey to Scammers

23 January 2023

How Landlords Can Avoid Falling Prey To Scammers

Scammers are using increasingly sophisticated tactics to make a fast buck, often leaving landlords out of pocket or caught up in messy legal disputes.   Read on to learn about the most...

What’s Trending in Home Interiors

23 January 2023

What’S Trending In Home Interiors

If you’re thinking of freshening up the interior of your home this year, here’s a list of what’s trending on the design front.   Are you planning a mega makeover in...

Got a Medway Rental Property? You Need a Trusted Tradesperson

9 January 2023

Got A Medway Rental Property? You Need A Trusted Tradesperson

If you’re a seasoned landlord, chances are you’ve experienced at least one out-of-hours call from a panicked tenant about a leaky toilet or boiler breakdown. Why is it these things...

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