Schedule of Referral Commission

Greyfox offer a variety of services and products related to the moving process that are provided by third party companies and we believe in being transparent in declaring these commissions so that our customers can make informed choices. Examples of these services can be from recommending a solicitor to use for conveyancing or probate, or a surveyor to check the suitability of your proposed purchase, to less visible products such as rent guarantee insurance. Greyfox are often remunerated by the companies that provide these services by being paid a referral commission. The companies involved should not add the fee to their standard charges and there should therefore be no adverse effect on the end users’ costs. We consider that the companies have been chosen primarily not on the referral commission but on their track record of providing a quality service to our clients. Where Greyfox provide some administration aspect to a product such as arranging an EPC or rent guarantee and the cost is charged as a Greyfox invoice, then our fee will be added to the supplier’s invoice and the cost of the product will be confirmed prior to purchase. Below is a list of the related services that we provide, along with the related commissions likely to be paid to Greyfox for the referral. Where some services are price specific or the supplier costs vary, we have put a range. Where the related parties are VAT registered then the prevailing rate of VAT will be applied in addition to the fee.

For conveyancing services through Lifetime Legal fees payable are based on a scale basis. For a purchase or sale price of up to £200,000 then a referral fee of £225 is received. From £200,000.01 to £350,000 it is £250, from £350,000.01 to £450,000 it is £300, from £450,000.01 to £550,000 it is £350, from £550,000.01 to £650,000 it is £400, from £650,000.01 to £750,000 it is £450, from £750,000.01 to £850,000 it is £500, from £850,000.01 to £950,000 it is £550 and from £950,000.01 to £5,000,000 it is £600.

For conveyancing services via Apex Law referral fees received for properties up to £250,000 are £100. For properties with a purchase price of between £250,000 to £499,999.99 the fee is £150 and for properties £500,000 and above it is £250. For conveyancing services via Elite Law the fee per case is £250. For conveyancing services via Ives & Co a referral fee of £150 per transaction is received.

We receive commission from The Residential Mortgage Hub on any referral we make to them. Greyfox receive £250 upon application for the services they provide to you. Customers will receive confirmation of these fees from TRMH.

Greyfox refer to MAP surveyors when customers ask us to recommend a surveyor. The referral fee payable in this instance is £41.67.

If a tenant or landlord takes up any of the utilities or other services offered by The Tenant Shop or Help to Move/Let Alliance then referral fees of between £10 and £50 on average are paid. These figures can vary but are confirmed upon instruction. Greyfox receive 25% of the premium on buildings and contents insurance.

Any of the various moving related services offered by the GOTO Group will pay Greyfox a referral of between £50 and £200 depending upon the service used.

Effective from 29/2/2024

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