Would you like the peace of mind of knowing your rent will be paid on time, every time?


The Rent on Time service from the Greyfox Lettings Team is a rent collection and tenancy administration service for landlords giving you total peace of mind that rent will be paid on time, securing your cashflow.

In today’s economy, rent arrears remain a continual concern, that’s why it’s never been more important to protect your investment and this service ensures that the rent is paid in full and on time regardless of the tenant defaulting, along with expert rent collection and arrears management.

The service deals with the management and registration of the security deposit and offers comprehensive tenancy agreements and legal notices that are regularly updated with changes in the law and regulation.

In the event of the tenant falling into arrears there is legal cover which provides protection against rent related offences but unlike many schemes on offer there are no claim forms, no excess and no waiting. A dedicated team will handle every aspect of the process as far as court proceedings and even through to eviction, should it be necessary.

The service is available to newly let properties and can even be offered on existing, occupied properties, where the tenant passes an applicable reference.

If you would like further information on our Rent on Time service then please give the Greyfox Lettings Team a call on 01634 865595 or contact us for an initial, no obligation discussion about the benefits of the service.