Multigenerational Living: How To Find A Home That Suits Your Family's Needs

Posted on: 24 June 2024

Multigenerational Living: How to Find a Home That Suits Your Family's Needs

From adult children returning to live with mum and dad to elderly parents moving in with their offspring, multigenerational living is on the rise in the UK*.

However, finding a property within budget that meets the needs of different demographics is no easy feat.

So, here are some tips to help you find a home that suits young and old – and everyone in between.

Have clear priorities

Draw up a list of what you’re looking for in a property, differentiating between needs (non-negotiable features) and wants. Priorities may include accessibility, number of bedrooms, location and parking.  

Also, discuss day-to-day living arrangements. Will you all share a kitchen and personal living space, or is more privacy required?

It’s crucial to nail down the specifics early on so you don’t waste time looking at properties that ultimately don’t suit your needs.

Think ahead 

Consider the future and what your family’s living requirements might be in five years’ time. For example, an elderly relative might be able to navigate steps now, but will mobility become an issue in the years ahead?

While you all may be able to cope with sharing a bathroom for a short period, will this become a cause of conflict over time? Be optimistic but realistic.

Budget and finances

From the outset, everyone must be clear about how much each party will contribute to the purchase of a property and ongoing living expenses. 


As it could be challenging to find a property that ticks all your boxes, explore the possibility of buying a property and making the necessary changes yourself. 

A loft extension or rear annexe could provide the extra space you require and help you create a home that’s just right for your family.

Another option is to think outside the box. Would buying two flats in the same apartment block be an answer? That way, you’d still be close to your loved one but retain personal space.

If you think multigenerational living could help you navigate the challenges of high housing, aged care and childcare costs, contact us today.

Here at Greyfox, we can help you search for the ultimate family home.

* ONS data shows more households were multigenerational in 2021 (2.1%) than in 2011 (1.8%).


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